Light Elegance 2020 Fall Color/Glitter Collection

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to introduce you to the new Fall 2020 Color/ Glitter Collection! Let’s look and see what Light Elegance has up their sleeves!

I am so happy to see the new Spice Collection! What wonderful inspiration and a huge color palette to choose from! Just from the collection reveal I can tell this collection is going to be a sure fire winner! Let’s look into each color below. First, let’s start with the colors.

Featuring 5 cremes and 1 shimmer, I’m so happy to see such a large amount of cremes. The colors look very eye popping and beautiful here.
Holy Habanero, is an action packed pink! It is a pink, a berry, and a red. Just wow! I have a soft spot for fall pinks, bright colors that make a dark statement.
Well Seasoned, is the perfect denim blue. When I saw this color I shouted as I was happy to have a nice medium blue.
I Clove You, is a nice chocolate brown. Could it be the brown we all crave for that chocolate goodness? I think so!
Curry On, gives us that burnt orange we have been begging for. Great to round out the collection and add in that tad bit of spice to make this collection pop.
Cinnamon Sticks, leaves a delicious impression of a cranberry wine. Featuring a soft shimmer, almost metallic essence, this color just begs for a swatching!
Simmer Down, is a wonderful berry mauve that gives a full drop of fall in a pot. This color is everything we could every need for the perfect set of fall nails.

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