Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Hey everyone and welcome back! I wanted to share with you my recent trip to Tennessee!

On this trip I was representing Light Elegance for the first time as their brand ambassador! It was the trip of my life! I went last year as a guest so it was real treat to be invited and represent the company. Scroll down to see how it went!

Starting off on Friday I arrived in the evening around 4pm. Not too bad as I never went to sleep after working over night and getting stuck. But that’s a story for another day. I only knew of one other ambassador there, and Jim and Tina’s flight didn’t arrive until later that night.

So after dolling myself up and getting rid of the 3 1/2 hour car funk I left out to have dinner with Michelle Baker and Brenda Skermont where I met Brendas daughter, and me and her hit it off quick. She is loads of fun! And I meant loads! We ate at a fabulous restaurant I have never been to, but as long as I had seafood I was happy.

Then off to do what I was super excited for! Moonshine tasting! I was super nervous as I never had moonshine before, but I love alcohol so I felt ready! We went off to some place I completely forgot the name of, but it wasn’t packed so we lined up to take our shots! So for $5 you can take 6 shots. I was like wow, what a steal! And that’s good considering I wanted a lot. You definitely cant get that in Atlanta!

But they are some cheaters! Those little cups were smaller than the ones you get for Tylenol. You might get a buzz from these, I didn’t. However, I did enjoy them. All of them except for the blue flame, That one was absolutely foul. It was like drinking gasoline. I didn’t like it, the rest were very flavorful and shockingly did not have much of an alcohol taste. A great experience for sure.

So you can say Friday was a much needed rest day as I went well over 24 hours without sleep. I’m amazed I can still do that honestly. Lets turn to page two to see how my Saturday went, much more adventurous I promise!

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