I Taught A Future Nail Tech!

So I had the pleasure of teaching one of my friends who is an up and coming nail technician. I was very excited because I love to teach, but I do not advertise it. To me, it gives me a sense of fulfillment to see someone start somewhere and grow from there, all within a couple of hours. So lets discuss how it went.

Here is where we began, now granted it wasn’t as good as we have here because I didn’t think to take pictures so I didn’t document the beginning, but then it dawned on me that we should. They learned a lot about bead size and placement, and how to make the nail more smooth with the brush and less with a file.

It was going very good, I think repetition is key, but not repetition of the same thing, as the same thing doesn’t bring improvement, but repetition of slight differences as you can grasp a concept from multiple angles to get the big picture.

Now, if you haven’t noticed by now, this is all acrylic, as they are an acrylic tech, and while I only owned one pot of acrylic, I found more from Profiles Backstage which I remembered I have, so now I really don’t have acrylic in the salon and that’s just fine with me. The more they have at home to practice with, the better.

After doing more sets on the practice hand, we were really starting to see improvement as they were understanding a smooth nail, and how a certain method works best for them. I like that they were making something with their own technique, as we all work differently, and finding your strength so early on is gonna be game changing.

You can see the real improvement here, and how the “line of light” is so important when crafting a nail, as it gives you less to file. Saving your joints in return. Can you believe we got this far, and this is the first time doing a nail on a hand? That’s really good!

Lastly, I decided to a “final” to see just how much he learned, so quickly I might add and look at this nail. In just under four hours, this nail was crafted! I’m extremely proud, and glad with the result! Imagine if I offered a day class! Oh it would be awesome!

Ignore my nails, I filed them off.

What a beautiful nail after just a few hours, I am very proud of them. I can tell they took a lot of knowledge from this class and they are gonna go home and keep practicing and turn into a marvelous nail technician.

I took a lot from this class as well, as this was my second time teaching someone. I am always a bit nervous as I am very scattered brained and try to stay within steps. I know my mind doesn’t work the same as others, but I know how to get a point across, I blame my past jobs, they taught me well.

While I do want to offer classes in the future, I do want to create a type of curriculum to follow, and create a class kit so they leave with products of their own. I’m very excited for the future, as I have many things planned, I can only dream and make those dreams come true. So while I am not advertising I teach, I will say look out for next year, as I do want to start. Until then, I will see you later sweets!

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