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Hey everyone and welcome back to another article by the southern sweetie herself, ME! Today I wanted to introduce you to a new up and coming brand called AHHPothecary. They are a business that carries artisanal bath salts and scrubs.

I was introduced to this brand by the maker himself, Alexis Hagin-Howell. He has taken to the time to finely craft these really awesome salts and scrubs, and when I received them I was over the moon! They smell so good, and feel so soft and luxurious. Let’s look into each one!

This is the lavender bath salt, and just opening the container, you can smell the rich essential oils inside, the texture is not as gritty but very smooth and crumbles. When you pour it into the water it just releases all these beautiful scents, and makes the water so pretty. I’m definitely gonna use these for my clients on their pedicures, they must try these!

I also received a Lavender and Chamomile bath scrub, and yes, it was amazing too! What I liked about it, was that it did not feel like hard pumice. You know how you some bath scrubs just scrape the skin? Well, this one softly scrubs and has olive oil to penetrate and really moisturize! Oh I was shocked! It just felt so good! When I think of these, I really get that luxurious feel from them, and that’s a wonderful thing as I offer spa services and they really hold up to that standard.

All in all, I really do love these products, and I’m so glad that Alexis has taken the time to make something so well done. They are absolutely extraordinary! You can really tell lots of love,time, and patience went into making these a well made product. I certainly suggest you give these a try. You can can find his shop on Etsy, just look up AHHPothecary, and you’ll see the wonderful goodness, awaiting you. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, and Ill see you later sweets!

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