Let’s do some practicing shall we.

So lets talk about these four nails I just finished practicing today. I wanted to do different designs than always placing them in the corner.

I started with the flower on the left, I found a picture on Instagram and liked the placement and wanted to recreate it. Granted its not bad, but it isn’t equal in placement either.

So the next nail I have always wanted to try, I LOVED how it turned out, not perfect, but much better. I really need to play with my silicone tool more.

The third nail can really ruin some self esteem, this is where things went down hill. Every petal was drying out and looked white and crusty, and I knew it was because my alcohol to keep the silicone tool wet, but not sticky. Now it didn’t dry out the other two nails as bad but mainly this one, so I tried to cover it up with top coat and some shimmer and I just made it worse. I threw it away but then dug in the trash can to show you all my big fail because no one is perfect.

The last nail did the same thing, with the petals in the upper corner. HOWEVER, I was determined to find a solution to stop using alcohol. So. I tried cuticle oil, its slippery and doesn’t stick, and IT WORKED!!! Granted my flowers are very shiny, but at least its a step in the right direction.

So here is my journey of trying to improve, by simply practicing, because lets be honest, DO WE REALLY SIT DOWN AND PRACTICE? Or just do and post? Thanks for reading. 💖

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