Light Elegance Gel Nail Haul

Hey all of you southern sweeties, so I wanted to share with you my haul of new gels I have purchased. I have collected these over time from when I went to Oregon and also the Smokies show. I have had them in the drawer for a while, but haven’t swatched and put them in my alphabetical system in my Ikea drawers. So lets begin!

Today’s lineup

I probably should use a labeler, but my hand and permanent marker are always so available. So I just go grab for them. I have 29 colors to swatch and when I do, I use the inside of the nail, on the stick so I don’t have to top coat it.

Here are all 29 colors nice and available so you can see the tones and shimmers. They look really amazing and I can’t wait to use them! Now its time to get a little messy. I’ll be right back.

All done, and it didn’t take long. For you at least, but for me I was multitasking with laundry and social media. Playing in these gels is so relaxing, I suggest you all just take an hour and swirl them around or just stare at them because they are so beautiful. I’m so proud of LE.

Now if you look closely you’ll see a blue Marshmallow Gel, well that’s because I had a client who wanted milk bath nails and they picture had a blue tint on them. So, since I was running low I just took a blue alcohol ink and tinted the whole pot. I did buy another to have white, but now I just have two, Ill show you below.

Taking just a drop, I smeared it across the lid, and it tinted the lid as well, how clever right?

Now that I am all finished, its time to wipe them with alcohol to remove the inhibition layer, and they will join the other colors on the rings on my bookshelf. I hope you all enjoyed my little haul here, its not much, but anytime I get a lot of something Ill be sure to show you! Ill see ya later sweets!


3 thoughts on “Light Elegance Gel Nail Haul

  1. First of all…why do we live so far apart? I would love to come to your nail salon and just look at all of the beautiful colors! Second of all…thank you for the tip on swatching the underside of the tip! You are a wealth of nail knowledge!!


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