Why did I decide to become a nail technician?

Hey all!! How are you doin? Well today I thought I would share with you all my story on becoming a nail technician. Grab your popcorn and kittens cause this will be a whirlwind. (Don’t pet the popcorn and eat the cat)

In 2017, I was riding down the interstate passing by Six Flags Over Georgia when I was recalling how everything affects my job, and how I get paid. As a truck driver if my wheels aren’t turning, then I’m not making any money. At least that’s how it went with my last company. If there happens to be an accident or a load isn’t ready from the train, then I’m missing out on money. Believe me when I say it happens a lot.

So as I was thinking I became very bothered by this, I have been a driver for three years (at the time) and I realized it just wasn’t the same. I no longer drove over the road and did cross country so it was more stressful being local. I worked 12 or 13 hours a day and then came home and still did things there and so I had little sleep. I was determined to still have a life of course. But I needed a change.

After a while of l driving I wondered what should I do? I thought about my best friend who does make up and freelances, and my other best friend at the time was in college to be a professional artist. But me? What can I do? So I said well hey, you drew a cute little snowman on a nail, why don’t you go to school to be a nail technician.

I was very proud might I add!

After making up my mind I decided to research what all it took to make my new dream a reality. I looked up how much do nails techs get paid, the kind of hours they worked and what they even did past what I already knew. I can be honest and tell you I wasn’t very pleased. Good thing I didn’t make it my duty to read and go off what I see on the internet otherwise I wouldn’t be here before you today.

Nevertheless, I signed up for school and decided upon the Elaine Sterling Institute. I had two nail tech instructors and they are phenomenal in their own way. They taught me amazing things I’ll never forget and molded me into who I am.

Throughout the course of six months I researched, practiced, and acquired new skills that just blew my mind. I didn’t know it back then, but I fell in love with nails more and more. I was always trying to buy the fanciest acrylic and do the wildest designs.

I did all these while I was in school. You’re welcome.

I was way in over my head but I was determined to make something out of this. At one point, we had a nail tech come in and show us her work, she did mixed media, and other competitions. Little did I know she would become my nail bestie while I love and cherish. I usually leave all names anonymous but she knows who she is. *wink.

I guess you could say I was really finding my stamp in life and figuring out what I was gonna do. I have the best support system and people who really believe in me and stand by me. And that’s super important to have. You really can’t do it alone. If you feel alone, just know you are not, im right here for you 100%! We have to be there to uplift each other.

Overall, I have been doing nails for two years now, and while I’m not full time, I’m getting there and I’m patient and hopeful. That’s all you really can be. I work from home which you can see in another blog post and I still drive, but I know that my future is bright, well atleast until 7pm.

But my passion is strong and my will is high, and with that I’m gonna make everything and anything possible, I’m gonna push boundaries and open minds. It’s who I am, and who I’m determined to be.

It has been so wonderful sharing my story with you all, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope I can give you insight on my life and the direction I chose, but most importantly, that you have love and support right here. I’ll catch you all later sweets, until next time. -Madison


7 thoughts on “Why did I decide to become a nail technician?

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I’m just reaching my 1 year anniversary of becoming a Nail Tech. You are inspiring me to start a blog of my own and share my story. I am now half way thru getting my Teacher’s License and I’m finding talents I never knew I had. Thank you for being you Madison. 💜

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  2. You are an inspiration to me and many others! I have loved watching your journey and The sky’s the limit on what your nail future holds. ❤😍❤

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