How do you stay so positive?

Hey everybody and come in, take a seat and let in a load off. Today I wanted to write an article that I honestly asked myself about. I was thinking of something that I felt someone asked me, but in reality it was really just my mind and like I said, I asked myself, however, I figured you would find my answer very intriguing, its not gonna be cookie cutter at all.

With that being said, I would like to skip ahead and basically tell you, I am always so positive because I want to be who I want others to be. Crazy right? Maybe. Let me go into detail.

In my mind, when I look out and see industry leaders, educators, and business owners, I look at the quality of person they are. No matter what they teach, own, or have produced, I want to see and understand if this person really is a good person. Not everyone can be so positive like me, but we should have good role models to look up to, am I right?

As a result, I want to be who I look for in someone who inspires me. No, people wont have my cheery disposition, or crack my corny jokes, but they will be intelligent, helpful, kind, and passionate. For me, that’s everything and all that I need.

When I step out into a trade show, classroom, camp, or anything where its time to be show ready, I make sure I am show ready. Granted I do believe this is just my personality by now, but its also something I uphold myself to. You see, I have worked at Disney World for two years, Six Flags for another two years, and a summer season at the Georgia Aquarium, I am so used to being in front of people’s faces, and they aren’t always so happy. Therefore, I am that cheesy person you see in those training videos always smiling and going by the book, because basically it’s ingrained in me.

I was a teenager, so yea I fought it and went back home and went back to being reckless, but its hard juggling those two personalities, just being honest, so I chose the nicer one. As a result, I am happy all the time, wanting to educate, love to motivate, and overall just love to watch people have that light bulb moment. It makes me feel good.

Am I being fake? Not at all, Ive been this way for years. In my head, if I can be positive about something and turn someone else’s day around and make them feel better about anything they do, then that is good enough. I did my job, the reward is their success. I live off of their energy of being happy, it makes me happy. So when I see you the next time, just know I am rooting for you, because you are meant to do great things, and I can already feel it. Yay!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you all have a positive day. Ill see you later sweets.


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