How do I practice?

Hey all and seasonal greetings! I was pegged one day with the question, how often do I practice and what are my methods? So, I figured I would write a new blog post about it and tell you all what I do.

To put it plain and simple, I don’t. I know I’m sorry, that’s probably not the best answer, but its true, and I’m all about honesty. When I make my nail sets I’m not in my head thinking that I’m practicing, it’s just me creating more nail sets for social media or so I can get out designs lodged in my head.

Now to be fair, doing nail sets repetitively does count as practice and increases your speed and does help you improve things you probably wanted to work on. For example, I do a lot of stiletto nails, not only because the tip comes that way, but its my favorite shape. However, to file it perfectly into a point and to round it out nicely is quite the task. So you could say doing it over and over counts as practice.

I tend to think the best practice comes from when you don’t count it as practice. In my opinion, who wants to sit down all the time and say oh I have to go practice again… Not I. Nope, not I. As a result, I rather just go with the flow and do things and hope for the better, and guess what. I got better.

So I say don’t practice, just go with the flow, sit down and say I want to have some fun. And eventually you will get better, you will have that Ahhh ha moment. And its so amazing having that moment on your own. Sometimes, other people will give it to you, and that feels amazing too! It feels absolutely amazing when they see your progress because you have been “practicing”.

I hope I helped, I know my mind can be a little confusing sometimes but I try my best to get my point across. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach to me, I would love to help you all out. Until then, I’ll see you all later sweets!

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