Nail Tech Spotlight with Leila Monroy

Hey everyone and welcome to a new segment here where we interview nail techs in our community and see what makes them so wonderful! Each month I’m gonna bring you a fabulous industry professional with insight and knowledge that’ll give you new perspective on how they go about things in our industry! Isn’t it fabulous to meet new people?

Well, welcome to our first nail technician, Leila Monroy! Hello hunny and nice to meet ya! So I’m gonna give you a series of questions just to get a little closer into your life and be very nosey! Are you ready?

So I gotta ask, what made you become a nail technician?

Leila: I trained years ago while I studied at university to help get more income, but becoming a mum made me decide to become a full time nail tech.

Oh that’s awesome!, Well where are you from?

Leila: I am from Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom).

Now that you have gotten your feet wet, pun intended, what is your favorite service to offer a client?

Leila: That’s a hard one…. I love doing pedicures!

So Leila, what makes you so passionate about the nail industry?

Leila: Being able to see that out there, there are some incredible people! Not only talented but also as a person.

Do you have a nail role model?

Leila: I have a few… But if I need to choose in UK, it would be Katie Barnes, and wide world it would be my lovely friend Ito Genko.

Leila Monroy and Katie Barnes

Let me ask, if you could create product to overcome an obstacle you see in the nail industry, what would it be?

Leila: The product already exists, and is Light Elegance “a hypoallergenic range of gels”, but if I could add to that formula some sort of magic touch that would give common sense to people… would be amazing.

What is your proudest achievement, and what is your next goal?

Leila: i have two! One is becoming Scratch Stars finalist (twice) and another one is becoming part of the Light Elegance Education Team… My next goal? Spread my knowledge around the world and help Spanish speaking countries to regulate the industry.

Oh that’s awesome! In one sentence, what advice would you give the future generation of nail technicians?

Leila: Follow the guidances, they exist for a reason.

What is your favorite nail trip, trade show, camp, or class you love going to and why?

Leila: Utah! I had a blast! Met important people that has changed my entire career. Also, created amazing memories!

One last question for you, and we will be all done! Are there any last words you may have to put your stamp on this industry?

Leila: Be kind, respectful, admire others, be inspired by others and if you recreate, please give credit to the author.

Thank you so much Leila Monroy for joining me today for this lovely chat, I’m glad you had time to step away for this awesome interview! You sound like a real gem and I know you are absolutely amazing, I’m glad others can see it too! Congrats on becoming an Light Elegance Educator recently! I’m so happy to have you on the team! Everyone be sure to go follow Leila on social media, her work is absolutely wonderful! Thank you all for tuning into this interview, and ill see you all next time sweets!

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