Do you get inspired?

Hey everyone and welcome back, to a place of joy, happiness, and a little glitter!! I wanted to show why it’s so amazing to be inspired by people, objects, or places!

Well you see I am always down for a challenge, and for a while it was my 3D projects. I still do them but I only do them when some thing comes to my mind. I’ll never do them just because, then it will be a hot mess! But, lately I have been on a kick to do some extreme shaping. So here is a set I did last week that inspired me to do the set I’ll talk about today.

So I did these nails because I was listening to RussAnna in my ear. And you all know when Rusanna speaks, we must do! So I am terrible at smile lines and I don’t practice like I should. So I figured I would give it a go. I found a loophole and said well brain if you don’t simply use white, then these aren’t pink and whites. Lol even though it’s the same concept! Ha!

Nevertheless, it worked out for me and I completed this set and LOVED it! So it was and is a very proud moment for me, bringing me closer to pink and whites. Now that I did these Russian Almond nails, I sort of inspired myself to do these cube nails, as I was very happy with the outcome. If I wasn’t so satisfied I wouldn’t do them, I would practice the Russian almond nails again. But I’m always down for a challenge.

One day a few days ago I was scrolling through Instagram and saw these beautiful cube nails, and I know you’re wondering what is a cube nail? Well let me show you!

Nails by Katalin Szikszai

When I saw these my mind was stumped!! I said how in the hell?! But I found a video somewhere where a nail tech was filing these and I thought, A Ha! So eagerly I was determined to try them! Now I do apologize and I’m gonna work on it, but I didn’t document the process of creating these nails like I should have. I know you all want to hear the highs and lows of creating these nails instead of just the end result.

But I did try to attempt the shape and I will admit, it is extremely hard, and honestly I’m happy it was. When I look at something and get it right the first time I get excited but it didn’t challenge me. It’s a good and bad thing, on hand I’m proud that I got it right, on the other I wonder what is out there I can’t do. It sounds like a big brag and I don’t want it to, but I can’t help but explain it the way I see it. Either way, I struggled heavily and after the first nail I got my rhythm. Let me show you them so you can see what I mean.

I’ll show you this angle first so we can see the shape for what it is. I will admit I didn’t use solid colors on purpose because I saw my mistakes and didn’t want to drive myself into the ground trying to fix them. I rather learn from them and do better the next set, these are hands so I don’t want to put too much pressure on them since I file too hard and will ultimately stress out my natural nails.

But overall I did a achieve what I was going for, they just need a little refining. What I struggled with the most is telling my mind, don’t round them out. For someone like me who has taught themselves how to file for the most part, I have implemented tips and tricks in my brain to do a good job. I had to throw all of that away for this set. Because you can’t round of anything. Another thing that was hard is creating corners. A lot of the time I filed the apex completely away, but it made for tiny sidewalls, as a result I had to put more gel on top, flatten it, and build up a flat surface to create corners. I would probably have to do a video to show you.

Think of it this way, when you look at a nail straight on pointing at you there are no corners, so you when you file the arch away you start to get corners, however where the corners will form are very low and so you end up with thin nails. This isn’t good as they can snap during filing. So I have to add more gel on top to counter that.

I found this picture and I’ll try to explain it. I don’t know, my mind needs to get my point across. (I want to say lol, but it feels improper in a blog). In the photo is a nail straight forward (use your imagination), the arch would be the circled green, and the red circles are the side corners and the blue are the sidewalls, albeit just exaggerated. When filing the nail my mind wants corners to form where the yellow circles are. But in reality the begin to show up where the red circles are. And by the time I’m done filing I’m left with just the rectangular nail without any arch. As a result, a lot of gel has been filed off, and what I learned is, create longer sidewalls.

Do you see here, no arch is present just squared off nails?

Granted these look better now that I’m writing this post but I rather the sidewalls be a little longer just to appease my mind. Maybe this is where I’m being too hard on myself, I don’t know. To achieve the square look underneath, I placed my form on my keyboard and scored it. It didn’t stay that way but for the most part it gave me the shape I was looking for, if I had something under the form it would hold its shape.

Notice I never do my thumb? It’s because I’m terrible at shaping thumbs, and they are easy to crop out, saving product and time.

When designing these I had to be really clever because I filed a lot of the blue glitter and color off to retain the cube shape, so it was very spotty. I couldn’t add any more product because it would take away the shape, so I added a foil, a great go to, and some stones and flowers. When in doubt always embellish!

To me in all honesty, this is a terrible cheat. While it makes the nails look absolutely gorgeous, all I did was cover up all my flaws. To a salon nail tech this is perfectly fine probably, but to me, I want to do so well I don’t need to add anything, I want these to be raw and appreciated for just the shape. But we aren’t there yet, so embellish I must!

Overall I am extremely happy with the outcome, I wont sugar coat that. And I’m proud of myself for attempting these I really am. I just move fast and always think of what I can do better next time. My mind wants to already be at 10 when I’m still on 3.

I hope I gave you all some insight on the process of creating extreme shape nails. They are a fabulous challenge and with determination, they can be done. This is probably going to be favorite article so far, because I get to express all the frustration and highs and lows of creating these nails. Now on Facebook and Instagram I’m gonna be getting all kinds of likes and compliments, and that’s fine, but honestly I just want people to ask questions and see these were a struggle, I wanna shove them in your face and say look I struggled can you see what I did wrong, look at them! *chuckles. It’s amazing no one is like that but me, but eh, that’s me.

Nevertheless, I hope this brings you closer into a new world of shaping! I had fun overall making these nails and I hope you all enjoy them, next time I’ll be sure to document the process all the way through. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you later sweets!

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