Education with The Mobile Manicurist

Hey everyone and welcome back! Is it me or does it feel like its been a whole month since my last post? Well either way I am super excited to tell you all about my fabulous weekend with one of my mentors, Mrs. Tracy Vinson.

So where shall I begin? Perhaps the beginning… *clears throat* In a world… No I’m kidding, just this past weekend I attended a wonderfully private, private class, privately. It was nothing short of amazing! I packed up my things Friday and headed north to good ol Virginia. The drive was nice and quick, but I will admit I woke up very late. I worked overnight and got off at 6:30 that morning. The driver in me wanted to get there immediately, but I went to sleep and didn’t actually leave until 5. I wasn’t too pleased with that, but eh, at least I had some sleep.

Let’s get into day one! But most importantly lets get into my outfit. I wore the latest fall fashion from PAREE.

Now I have never been to the The Mobile Manicurist, you’ll find that its beautifully nestled in Lynchburg near Harley Davidson. Stepping into the salon of The Mobile Manicurist is always so warm and inviting. Full of rich aromas that are sweet and tantalizing. It just has that nice southern comfort feel to it. I absolutely love it.

Walking in and receiving a good warm hug we began our day diving right on in with a few designs. I always cherish the work Mrs. Tracy does, they are always so beautiful, recreating them is so new and always so exciting. Truly having a private class is much more in depth and personal. You get the ability to ask as many questions as you like and it’s impossible to fall behind when you go step by step.

Unfortunately for me I don’t get much rest with my job so I was doing quite a lot of yawning. I was very interested in what I was learning, but I did have a couple cups of coffee to keep my energy up as I was wanted to continue into the day. Luckily, it was time for lunch. So we hopped into the car and headed out cause I was craving a good ol salad.

It is so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy your food and good company in a safe environment, meaning us two from the world. Also, it never rained even though the sky was very grey. Turns out Mrs. Tracy’s salad was better than mine, and I thought mine was trash. The chicken was so salty, but they had good lemonade after I added sugar. Oh, and my soup came cold. But this isn’t a food review, lets go back to nails. Let’s have a look at how day one went! I’m super excited to show you!

Aren’t these beautiful? We had so much time to work on multiple designs and crafts. Wow, what a day! When I look at these I am just amazed at these designs! They are phenomenal. It really was a great day.

Let’s dive into day two! Now I will admit I have less pictures because I was between sleepy and excited so I forgot to pick up my camera. But, I had a cute little test to see what I learned from day one, so the task was to create a set using techniques learned from then. So, using blue I made these nice nails. Aren’t they adorable? I always feel like the real knowledge is when you can replicate to show real progress, and this progress made me feel real great.

Now I did grab a picture of these awesome day two nails! These were fun too! I think everything is fun don’t I? Well, I’m was definitely having a grand time that’s for sure. So yes, I am having fun. I like that we were really stepping out the box and doing such creative work! Oh I loved it!

After my class I had to get ready to say my farewells as the weekend was coming to an end. I had a really wonderful time and its always a treasure to be able to spend time with one of my mentors. When you find someone who wants to see you grow and only has your best interest at heart, they are a keeper. Throughout the last year she was shown me countless times that she is destined to see my future flourish and my goals accomplished. So thank you very much for the awesome weekend Mrs. Tracy Vinson.

Right before I left out on Monday morning, I had a beautiful dinner with two treasured nail techs Robin and Kaay! Robin has her very own salon 20 mins right outside of Lynchburg and Kaay is soon to be licensed this October, so fingers crossed for Kaay everyone! We caught up and had an delightful evening over seafood on the balcony at Iron and Ale.

All in all, I had the best weekend ever! I learned a lot, hung out with great friends, and I headed home with wonderful memories. So yes, I had a great time. Also, I hope you all had a great time reading about my trip, it was great sharing it with you. I can’t wait for my next adventure! Until then, I will see you all later sweets!

2 thoughts on “Education with The Mobile Manicurist

  1. Omgeee I’m in your blog!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It was so good to see you 😘😘😘 I’m so proud of you my sweet friend xoxo


  2. I loved reading about your trip! I am so glad that you invest in yourself as a nail artist. The nails you created with Miss Tracy are gorgeous!! Now that I am back in school teaching it is harder to find time to read my favorite blogs…but please know I love every post I read of yours!!


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