Fun Times At Nail Camp!

Hey everyone and welcome to a very cool segment on my blog where we talk to some nail technicians on their most recent trip to Maryland! You see the lovely Jessica Briarmoon held a wonderful nail camp where nail techs from all over can come and enjoy fabulous food, freed and paid education, raffles, and a cozy campfire! So, I will be asking ten questions to three super talented nail techs and get their opinions on how camp went! Let’s dive right on with their questions and answers!

How did you hear about nail camp?

N: I heard about Nail Camp somewhere on FB. I am on so many nail technician sites so I couldnt tell you which one. But I think it was Lysa Comfort who had mentioned it on her page. She is a nail God. Literally. Seriously.

AB: I heard about nail camp from another nail tech in my salon, although she hasn’t attended yet.

AS: Jess, I have watched her videos for years.

Where did you travel from and did you fly or drive?

N: We drove in from New Lenox, Illinois. It was about a 12 hour drive. We drove because I am terrified of flying by myself and knew no one who was going. And flying during COVID was not gonna happen!! So I roped my family into coming along! Haha haha!! It was me, my husband and two kids. They dropped me off and went on to site see for four days while I was at Camp!

AB: I came from Reno, Nevada and I flew.

AS: Drove in from Baltimore

Did you pay for classes? If so, with who and what did you learn?

N: had a class paid for with Erin Brenhouse ❤️ but she couldn’t come in from Canada because of the virus and borders being closed. That was a Wildflowers art class that I rescheduled for February of 2021! CANNOT WAIT!! I also paid for a class with Nicole Atwood for anEfile class. She had to cancel due to family issues ☹️. So I ended up paying for a class with Jesse Bruner that was AWESOME! Gel polish with efile was the class. I took a stamping class and a gel class with Jessica Briarmoon that she offers for free! So generous!!

AB: I paid for classes with Vision gels (Renee Westmoreland) builder in a bottle, wildflowers (Lauren Wireman) 3D art paste, and the salon shapes class with Allie Baker.

AS: Cats eye with the profiles girls the other classes I paid for ended up not coming to camp.

What did you think of the education offered? Do you feel as if it was well rounded?

N: I thought the class that were offered were incredible. I have been doing nails for many many years (I am old) and have never been to anything like Nail Camp. The educators were so nice and helpful. All the classes were great. I could have stayed longer if they let me! I definitely thought the classes offered were well rounded. The only class that I really wanted was the 5-8 hour efile class and that was offered but was cancelled because of health issues. Which is understandable.

AB: I thought there was a bit of everything. Basic classes for beginners, tons of art, salon specific stuff, as well as fancy art.

AS: The education was great. Well rounded. I mean even the free class were packed full of useful information.

What is your best memory of camp?

N: My best memory of camp was probably sitting with Miss Tracy Vinson Salyers (gurrrrl) at dinner each night! She is just as funny and sweet and sarcastic as you see her on her Facebook lives! And KT was hilarious and Dawn G. was so nice and friendly! So that is a great memory I will always have! Making new friends!! Another great memory was just meeting all of the educators. They are like celebrities to me. Talking to Lauren Wireman was like meeting a Hollywood Oscar winner….lol. Turns out they are all just nail techs like me but like flawless in their work! HAHA! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Omg…..MADISON! My favorite camper of all! The hair! The makeup! The skirts! The legs! The nails! You were stunning to look at and hilarious to talk to! I hope we never lose touch with one another!

AB: My best memory was getting to talk with my table-mates at meals and discuss what we had done that day.

AS: Best memories of camp was how helpful the educators were. A few even took time to trouble shoot we me and several others after classes were over.

Did you use your new techniques learned in the salon on clients, right after you left camp?

N: One of the tips I learned at Camp was wiping the tacky layer off of Stick It before applying the foil! FULL 👏 COVE 👏 RAGE 👏!! BOOM! It works every time!! And the Incredible Improvements class was so helpful even for someone who has been doing nails forever. So many great tips that we forget about until a fresh set of eyes critiques your work.

AB: Sadly, I am just now returning to the salon this week. After returning home from camp, I received a text from another nail tech at my salon asking me to self-quarantine. I am using the techniques now though.

AS: I’m not back in a salon yet sadly but yes I learned new techniques and tricks I’m using.

What is one thing you took away from your experience?

N: I feel like every crappy thing that was going on in the world was gone for 4 days. It felt awesome to be among people who all share the same passion for the same thing and no one is judging. Only helping and making friends. No matter what age, sex, color, religion or political side anyone was on. It was what I needed during this time.

AB: I took away that most techs are willing to help other techs in areas that they are struggling or may need guidance.

AS: I don’t have to be artistic to do designs!

Will you return to camp again in the future?

N: If I could go to every camp from now on I would. Time to start saving that tip money!! I WILL be returning!

AB: Absolutely! I’m trying to see if I can somehow attend both April and October next year!

AS: That’s a giant YES! I’m kicking myself for not coming sooner.

Part of camp is making new nail tech friends, did you make any new life long friends?

N: I feel that I made a lot of friends there. I hope that they will stay life long friends even if it means we only meet up at Camp once (or twice) a year! Thank God for social media where we can all stay in touch!

AB: I did make a few friends!

AS: Yes I have made many new friends and hope they are lifelong

Camp has been around for many years, is there anything you would like to say to the creator?

N: I would love to tell Jessica and her husband and daughter that they know how to throw a party! Haha! So organized and fun and detail minded. I loved my itinerary book and my swag bag. I loved the set up of classes and shopping areas. I can only imagine all the work that goes into organizing an event like this. So THANK YOU Jessica and family for all that you do!!

AB: Thank you so much for this experience! It’s hard to find anything that is just for nail techs. I will definitely be attending more camps in the future. I’ve told all my nail tech friends about how much fun I had, and how much I learned. It’s really affordable which is awesome for people who don’t have full books. I now have a whole other community to reach out to with questions or any issues I might have. Thank you for this opportunity!

AS: Thank you so much for creating camp. You have renewed my passion for nails.

Ladies, you all are so awesome and I am happy I have had the wonderful opportunity meet every single one fo you! Y’all are awesome and a joy to be around. Thank you truly for giving me this opportunity to interview you all. If anyone has any questions, please refer to for more information. I hope you all enjoyed my article on this amazing trip and I will see you all very soon, see you later sweets!

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