Nail Tech Spotlight with LE Educator Jayne Berger

Hey everyone and welcome back to another segment of Nail Tech Spotlight where we interview nail techs in our community and see what makes them so wonderful! Each month I am going to bring you a fabulous industry professional with insight and knowledge that’ll give you a new perspective on how they go about things in our industry! Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to meet new people?

This month I wanted to introduce you to the fabulous queen of education, the wonderful and ever so loving, Light Elegance Educator, Jayne Berger! Big hey, hi, and hello there Jayne! Thanks for joining us this wonderful October day, are you ready to begin and share your deepest darkest secrets? No I’m kidding, we will save those for next week, for now, lets hear what made you become a nail technician.

Jayne: I have always been obsessed with nails. Always doing my own. finally I decided to go and get licensed.

Oh that’s amazing, I wish I knew when I was younger too! Where are you from?

Jayne: South of Chicago, Il in a little farm town.

How cute, I always have loved little towns as they are so quiet and charming, well now that you have gotten your feet wet, pun intended, what is your favorite service to offer a client?

Jayne: The Light Elegance Hard Gel in extensions.

Im an extensions girl too, the longer the better, can I get an amen. *crowd whispers* amen. Well then hunny bunny, what makes you so passionate about the industry?

Jayne: I love sharing and teaching, getting techs excited about nails. Love that light bulb moment when something I’m teaching clicks.

Oh I bet that just warms your heart every time! I know it warms mine! So I’m curious more than Alice and that rabbit hole, who is your role model?

Jayne: My LE Sister, Pina More, Darcy Olin, Mylyn Hansen and Tina Heinl to name a few. I have been with these ladies for years now and they are truly amazing! They want to help, share, and care. We have been here for each other professionally and personally.

Wow Jayne that is so sweet, I’m glad you have such a wonderful family and team to support you and your dreams, I think that’s so amazing. I feel a little choked up. Excuse me.

Ok I’m alright now. So lets put you in the therapists seat for a second, if you could tell techs something to overcome an obstacle you see in the nail industry, what would it be?

Jayne: For nail professionals to realize they are not “just a nail tech’. We are so much more. We touch peoples lives whether we realize it or not. That personal touch, holding someone’s hand,sitting right across from them and making them your focus for an hour is missing in so many peoples hectic and busy lives.

That is so very true, oh Jayne I feel like I ate a Popeyes biscuit you have me over here choked up so bad. You are so inspirational, and it just comes naturally. I just have to stop and let you know that. Let me ask, what is your proudest achievement? And what is your next goal?

Jayne: My proudest achievement is working with an amazing company, and to continue to travel the world to teach and hopefully inspire more nail professionals.

That’s a bar we all should set, and you my dear are raising it very high! I love it! In one sentence, what advice would you give the future generation of nail technicians?

Jayne: To continue to educate themselves and try to mentor with a great nail tech to develop an awesome service, not just an average assembly line service.

I agree! 100% May I ask, what is your favorite nail trip, trade show, camp, or class you love going to and why?

Jayne: I love working trade shows, getting to go to Dubai to work trade shows, but my favorite is the LE Reunion education. Getting to spend time with my LE family and learning from Jim McConnell and others. Strengthening the bond professionally and personally.

Oh it sounds like you are well loved and traveled and that is amazing Jayne, I do have one last thing for you if you have the time, do you have any last words to put your stamp on this industry?

Jayne: We never know what is going on in peoples lives, so the hour we spend with our clients can be a joy for them and ourselves. I’ve learned women will give up and sacrifice all kinds of things when needed but not their nail service. It’s their time to be connected and cared for.

You are absolutely right hun, Jayne I thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come down and join me for this interview. You know, its great techs like you who make this industry great and inspire others to great as well. You are truly a treasure and I’m so thankful I have you in my life. Everyone, if you are curious to see what goes on in Jaynes world, you can find her on social media and as always teaching amazing classes at LE in trade shows. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the marvelous and wonderful Light Elegance Educator Jayne Berger. Until next time, Ill see you later sweets!

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