How is it being transgender and a nail technician?

Hi, so welcome to a very personal article on this lovely day. I hope you all have been well, I have missed you! So today I would like to share my insight on what its like being me in this industry and hopefully answer some questions I have received.

So being transgender has been my normal for about six nears now. There isn’t anything new or old I don’t think I haven’t seen or dealt with. I have pretty much heard it all. When it comes to being a nail technician has it harbored me in any way? I wouldn’t say so. And if it has, I cant tell. Just being honest.

I don’t consider myself a secret or trying to withhold one, as I am an open book. I will gladly sit and tell my life story to anyone who wants to hear it. Believe it or not, none of my clients have never asked or said anything, but best believe I have passed those hints. Just because I like to. I want people to know, it makes us more comfortable, instead of teeter tottering around.

I have for the most part have had a positive experience in the industry. I have come across many people in my travels and people seem to welcome me with open arms and I am always very thankful. I do not let my status of who I am be the foundation of my career. I let my skills, ambition, and creativity fuel my life. As we all should.

I am very fortunate to have a great support system behind me in my ventures as I continue to be successful. With their help I know anything is possible, but it all starts with my drive to make it happen.

I am not naive to looks, social cues, or anything else someone might give, I just simply ignore them. To accept positivity is to radiate positivity. So its very important to just be yourself. I am very fortunate as I don’t have a negative story to tell. And I hope I never do. I think what I love the most about the nail industry is that we are all different, from beautiful unicorns to edgy bikers. We seemingly accept each other judgement free. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Like always, you all have been great and I appreciate you all so much for reading my blog posts, it really makes my day. Until next time, I will see you later sweets.


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