Why is your hair half red and half black?

Hey all you southern, northern, eastern, and western sweeties!! I wanted to answer a question I get frequently. One I actually forget about.

So I have been doing crazy colors for a while and to me, there is a limit. Say what?! Yes! Even I limit myself! It first started when I wore braids, everything I ever did with color was mostly in braids so I wasn’t dying my own hair. But that didn’t always last.

I loved being blonde, it was just so bright and happy. But I was ready to try actual color.

I’m coming with the red! I loved this color! It was bright, vibrant and just beautiful to me! But boy did it do some damage! This was a box dye and after a couple of months in nearly all fell out. Because I had a relaxer I just put in two weeks prior. Super bad idea I know…

Bring on the half and half!! This was my very first time trying it and being that my favorite color is blue I figured I would do this royal blue and I LOVED IT! It didn’t bother me at all and I felt so good with it!

Looks familiar?

Bring on the red! I was so happy to have blue so I did red!! This one was the most comfortable, because in my mind red is the most natural color on a human, so I should be good. Oh was I delusional because it’s still half a head! But that’s not all!

Serving Cruella Realness!

I was actually very nervous to try this white, as it was so loud. Me right? Ha! But even to me this was a risk but I still ended up loving it. I was kind of sad because I couldn’t find a bright white hair that didn’t look fake. I came across this high silver color and honestly once it was on, it looked white! Even though it’s really a very whitish silver. It was cute…

I took a break for a while and stayed with my big chop and didn’t color, but I can’t do my basic color hair, so I dyed it too.

Wearing my hair this short, and bring trans took more confidence than I thought.

The short style didn’t last long because I love longer hair, so bring, it, on!!!!

These were so soft and comfortable, and the color was amazing. I loved this hair! I miss it!
I don’t kno what this phase was… moving on.
We’ve made it to the present, ish.

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