Black Friday Sales!

Hey all and welcome! Are you excited for Black Friday!! The time of the year when your favorite nail products finally go on a sale that you can afford to splurge a little more and your significant other not drill you about it! Well I know I am! Darn cat…

Well you see, I spend hundreds throughout the year secretly on things to build up my salon so that it works and flows fully on its own so that I don’t have to buy supplies later on down the road. Not necessarily like files and buffers, but more so all my gels and polishes, things that can be seasonal or or go out of stock. And we all crave those special goodies, that’s why we get excited for Black Friday!

So for me, this one is very special because I happened to make a very special purchase rounding out something I have been waiting to spill the beans on, but that’s another article, sorry! What I am excited to tell you about are the amazing sales!

First and foremost Light Elegance is giving 20% off their fabulous color and glitter gels, and their Buttercreams! Big wow! And we know how much you like those! But who else?!

Well Profiles Backstage is also having a sale on their website too! 20% off their entire website, and if you’re a profiles lover like me, then you’ll be happy to see so many items up for grabs! Definitely the site for nail art lovers!

But don’t forgot about with Jessica Briarmoon, she hosts countless supplies and products and is having a mega sale! Featuring amazing brands ranging from 10%-20% on lord of goodies! They’re quite a steal! *don’t steal*

Now if you’re into the long nails and clean cuticles like me then you need great bits! And Atwood Industries will not disappoint! they are having a 20% off sale on all of their bits and they’re discount code is so cute!!

Lastly, run by the Mobile Manicurist who is offering a whopping 10%-80% off her nail goodies!! That’s a crazy discount that no one should pass up! I know I won’t!

I’m so excited for this shopping season as I have my wallet ready and fingers aimed for clicking!! So watch out merchants! Madison is on her way! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out as I’m here and so are they, happy shopping, and I’ll see ya later sweets!

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