Light Elegance is Bringing the Hardware!

Hey everyone welcome back to a fabulous blog post featuring Light Elegance! I am so excited to be showing you all the new LEpro Implements and Tools! Let’s take a deeper look into these fabulous new tools to see how they make your salon life easier!

Let’s begin with the LEpro Stir and Scoop Spatula. The scooping end is good for picking up chrome powders and pigments and also for picking up tiny pieces of nail art, that let’s be honest, can be kind of tricky when you have long nails like me! The stirring end is fabulous for mixing your color gels and keeping air bubbles out of the gel. It is perfectly flat allowing you blend gels together and wipe it right off the edge.

Up next is the highly favored LEpro Tip Cutter! This product has been asked for, for quite a while and I’m finally happy it’s here! I guess you could say it’s “cutting edge”! Made of high quality steel and with spring loaded action it really gives you a good grip! I know.. oh Madison! Oh and not to worry it is disinfectable!

Rounding out the collection of marvels are two wonderful new tools that are sure to excite! Let me present to you the LEpro Straight and Curved Blade Precision Scissors! I am truly connected to these because I look to snip, cut, and trim! Oh yes ma’am! I like clean cuticles and I am always on the lookout to make sure hangnails are non existent. Can I hear a goodbye?!

Are you a straight edge?

What I love about these fancy new scissors is that they are disinfect-able, have a non slip grip (super important), and have a smooth draw design making it very precise and easy! It’s like they really do the work for you!

Or do you prefer it curved?

Now I know what you are asking, “Madison, you’re presenting all these new items but how am I going to carry them?” Well don’t you worry sugar booger, I am here to sell you, oh excuse me, tell you of the wonderful and new LE Salon Storage Boxes! That’s right, now you too can be more organized in the salon with these.

They come in a small.

Whether you would like to store your Buttercreams, top and base coats, color and glitters gels, or even your old finger nails because they’re pretty. These Storage Boxes are to please! And they come in handy for storing your lunch too! Anyone for cookies and biscuits?

Or you can purchase a large!

Now with all of these amazing things I’m sure you feel pretty darn good! I know I do. I mean we have new tools, new implements and storage boxes, I mean wow Light Elegance how can you top that! Well guess what! *cues circus music for infomercial*.

Introducing the “LE Travels With Me” Roller Bag! This brand new roller bag has all the bells and whistles you need to travel on style! *bells and whistles sold separately, ring ring* This wonderful new bag is giving you wheels, it’s giving you storage, it’s giving you amazingness! But let’s see how!

Literally let’s see it!

The LE Roller Bag has an aluminum alloy frame, with a telescoping handle, can support 300 pounds safely, and has 4 dynamic wheels to make transporting easy! It can even go up stairs! Featuring the amazing round bottom flask logo this bag is sure to turn heads!

It conveniently can handle storage boxes of all your amazing gels, primers, top and base coats, brushes, LE Dot Lamp, and still more for a sandwich!

Light Elegance sure has been busy lately creating some amazing these for our salon industry and they have really went above and beyond to satisfy us! Each of these amazing products will be available for purchase January 15th. Are you ready to jump on the LE bandwagon? If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the LE team, we are all happy to help. I’ll see you later sweets!


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