Why am I excited about the Nail Tech Event Of The Smokies?

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another exciting blog post. Today we are talking about one of grandest shows in the south! The Nail Tech Event of The Smokies! This creative and elaborate show is a one day nail only event bringing you classes, demonstrations, and shopping galore! Let’s dive in to see what this show is all about!

The wonderful show is ran by the prestigious and inspiring Jill Wright. Jill is an active advocate for nail technicians and business owners. She founded the nail tech event back in 2007 in Gatlinburg, Tn. Discovering that a majority of nail technicians live east of the Mississippi, she found a great way to deliver to a huge market!

Jill Wright is the creative mind behind the show!

So what makes this show so wonderful you ask? Well the “event” lasts from Friday- Monday, but the actual show day is always on a Sunday. I’ll go in to detail in just a second.

Creative Balance usually kicks off the weekend with her extended workshop!

Friday jet sets the weekend with multiple arrivals and is the first day for Extended Workshops. This is the day for outside companies to host education and classes for current and future nail technicians. To obtain information on those classes, you can find it on the Nail Tech Event website at http://www.nailtechevent.com.

Saturday is no usual Saturday here in Gatlinburg as it headlines the first round up of classes in the morning featured at the Gatlinburg Convention Center located conveniently downtown. These classes can also be found and scheduled on the website, including ALL information just for future purposes of this article.

Saturday Classes are in full effect Saturday Morning!

Sunday is the huge highlight of the weekend bringing nail techs from all over to gather in amazement at the millions of products, fancy demos, and elaborate booths that fill the hollow halls of Gatlinburg. Have you seen that nail tech in heels with red and black hair and a light up skirt! Now that’s fancy!

What a busy day Sunday is in Gatlinburg!

Calming down on our last day is actually the last day of classes. These are also from the brands and companies that are attending. I always suggest you have your bags packed and ready for check out as everyone usually goes home that evening as well, unless you stay an extra day.

Well good gracious that sounds exciting already doesn’t it?! Well it is! This fabulous and fantastic show is riding on the wonderful turn out it receives every year and this year is no different! Ticket sales are already booming and all VIP tickets have been sold out! But not too worry as there tickets still being sold continuously and ticket purchases can be made at the door until further notice.

Lots of hotel options are conveniently located next to the Convention Center.

So where would you like to stay? Well let me give you a few options from personal experience. the Gatlinburg Convention Center is located perpendicular from the main strip. This strip is where most of the restaurants and attractions are located. Along the strip and the main road of the Convention center are a vast array of hotels nestled so beautifully in the TN mountains, they are all a short walk and I highly recommend them! My first time I attended the show I stayed a mile away and had to pay for parking everyday for $12. I did not do this last year and saved $36 by just walking. It’s shopping money! The Gillette Motel is the hotel direct from across the Center and usually sells out the fastest.

When it comes to lodging, the early bird gets the worm is a huge understatement, this event is huge and the Convention Center also hosts another show that very weekend. As a result it’s best to hop on into a room early as possible! A few neighboring hotels have discount codes and group rates that can be found on the “travel/hotels” tab on the event website. You will find “Nail Tech Event” or “NTE” is the promo code to get you into a great rate, but be warned, it is a busy weekend, finding a hotel further out could mean you are in bumper to bumper traffic. So please find something close by.

Dining is exquisite as well. Featuring seafood, steakhouses, and popular breakfast spots, there is something for everyone. I highly suggest ordering a breakfast meal before class or the show as there isn’t dining llocated in the center, but there will be a snack bar at the main entrance. Subway and. BBQ Joint are also across the street if you are needing a quick bite as well.

Attractions cover the area far and wide as Gatlinburg is a beautiful country variant of a Las Vegas Strip. Towering above the skyline is the Space Needle giving you breathtaking views 400 feet above the entire cityscape. Directly across you will find their biggest attraction, the Sky Bridge, 150 feet above the ground and 680 feet wide, this mega bridge is not for the faint hearted. I suggest you bring a friend. Nestled further on down you will find the Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum on the corner and Aquarium midway down the strip. Both attractions can be enjoined with a individual ticket or for you first timers, an all attractions pass. Last but certainly not the least on the long list of attractions you will find the Ober Aerial Tramway, a 2.1 mile long 20 minute tram ride to the ski area of Ober Gatlinburg. I found this very exciting as it takes you to take a wonderful indoor German themed mall at the top!

Let’s see, we have covered, day life, well let’s do night life! Gatlinburg is known for its numerous locations of moonshine bars and tastings, and is a huge highlight of the trip. If you are a lover of all things delicious, moonshine and wine will sure to delight as they can be found up and down the elaborate strip. Also featured at some bars and restaurants will be live entertainment or a popular local band. I highly encourage you to visit them as they are seriously amazingly talented.

Just wonderful people enjoying a wonderful show.

The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies is continuously a wonderful show and great getaway for the year. Bringing together old friends and delighting with new minds, this show has it all. I highly encourage you to visit their Facebook and Instagram page to experience this wonderful marvel for yourself. If you have any questions or inquiries please message Jill Wright as she is always available and so helpful! Hopefully I’ll catch you at this years show! See you later sweets!

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