I quit my job!

Hi everyone and welcome back to a surprisingly unannounced blog post! It’s a shocker, but at least I told you the conclusion in the headline right? Well let’s continue reading below to see exactly what’s going on and how did it happen that way!

Well it all started with what was my current job, I was a truck driver for Hub Group which I absolutely hated, the drama, the errors, the micro managing, it was just too much! I worked there for literally a year and complained the whole way through. My poor friends and family heard it all the time, yet I never left. Well how could I? I needed the money and I wasn’t a full time technician yet.

One day (because I skip to the good part of the plot real quick) I went to work and sat in the parking lot. It was Dec 27th and I had just returned from taking 2 weeks off. I was 10 mins early and on the phone with a bestie/close friend of mine. She’s been a client of mine for years to come and never complained of my complaining. Oh how proud I am of her! But either way she gave me some advice I shall keep to myself, that made me think about my life and my future. And with that one sentence, I drove back out of the parking lot and went to my moms house just to go somewhere.

My mom was wondering why I had come over so early when she knew I had to be at work. I told her I had quit and she looked so surprised. Well I would be too, I mean I was shocked with her! Lol but she was happy for me and understood and only wished me the best. And so from that moment on after 5 years, I was no longer a truck driver. But what was I going to do instead?

Well, I became a Lyft and Uber driver, swapped out one vehicle for another and made even more money. I will admit I was very lazy at first but I started to treat it like a regular job, and so I continued to do nails and driver my car. By March 1, I have put 10,000 miles on my car! That’s a lot!! But the good news I was being responsible and paying my bills. Because I wanted to do what was best for me!

Between doing nails and driving came a big opportunity, my best friend wore some press on nails I had made and advertise them much to my wishes. But I let it. He knows I can’t stand them, and I know how uneasy I feel about making them. But it took off and now I’m doing them everyday! It’s a real money maker and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it in my next article. But until then, thank you all for the great support, I’m excited for new things in my future, and I can’t to show them all to you. See ya later sweets!


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