I make press ons!

Well hello and hi how are you doing!! My last blog post was a big shocker to all I see as it has had the views since last year! Thanks so much. Well now I wanted to share my not so new news that I have started making nail press ons for the folks!

I have always truly hated the idea of marketing myself into the business as I saw it as so much of a hassle and rather quite complicated. But my best friend put an end to that very quickly! It all started when my bestie asked me to make these nails here (see below) and I said ugh… sure! But don’t tell anyone I made them or tag me. I was that serious that I didn’t want people to know. Little did I know how much that would change my future.

Well since he is a fabulous Atlanta drag Queen he wore them to a show and they were just magical. Different kinds of folks from all backgrounds, straight, gay, drag, non-drag, and everyone in between messaged me to make them some nails! I was like whoa! So I took a HUGE leap of faith and bought some supplies and made a few for people and those sold instantly and it just kept trickling on from there!

By now after two weeks, I can honestly say it’s been amazing how much this has been well revived and I am so thankful I am no longer turning down my blessing, as this is what I was meant to do. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Now that I have been running for minute I found ways to make it easier to do business, especially with shipping. And purchased a thermal printer and a new computer to get orders out quickly.

I am constantly learning new and different things as this business grows and I’m honestly loving it. A quick tip I can give you is that USPS offers free packaging on their website. So take advantage of it! So while this article was short and sweet, it’s a wonderful time for me to announce a new journey that I’m excited to dive in. I can’t wait to see myself a year from now!!! Oh I hope I am busier than ever! Stay tuned, see y’all after sweets!

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