I moved my salon!

Hi everyone and welcome to another wonderful blog post! I missed you all so much! So much has happened recently and I’m glad I can share this exciting news! So as you all know I have always worked at home, converting my living room into a full salon. For a while this was very beneficial and convenient for me. However, as time moved on I realized how much I wanted to leave my at home salon, and look for a more professional environment. So, I moved! Let me show you!

This photo shows the left wall, when you come in I have all my Ikea storage drawers neatly placed along the wall. I have taken the time decorate with faux plants and beautiful photo I purchased from Marshalls, it was only $25! If clients would like coffee or tea, I have a station set up for their convenience, and also snacks if they need a munch. Also, you’ll see my lovely 3D projects set up too so they can be seen and admired, you’re welcome.

Here is my pedicure station. I have a Pibbs Plumbless Pedicure Chair. I find this chair so nice as it can be taken anywhere and never needed plumbing. It includes a footsie footbath bath which massages with a deep vibration and keeps the water nice and hot or warm depending on what your client prefers. I added a plush rug for styling and my tools and products neat and organized always ready for a service.

When you come in the salon you will see my lovely polish rack full of a multitude of colors. The polishes in view are all traditional and the gel polishes are further down the wall. This desk is tried and true and has had lots of love. I love its massive size and as you can see, it fit everything I need.

Having my salon in this new location is very exciting, I cant wait to watch my clientele grow even more and to service more and more people and make them happy. I feel like t dreams are coming true baby! If you have any questions on my set up or arrangements, message me so I can answer them, its always so great sharing new things with you all. Thank you all sweets and Ill see you later!

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