Do I have a new image?

Hi everyone and welcome to a very much overdue blog post! I haven’t written in months and I have so much to tell you! I think I am quite backlogged! But that’s ok, I will pretend they are like new!

What I wanted to discuss about is my image, if you haven’t already seen I have decided to de-transition back into a boy. I am or was transgender and was born a male and decided I wanted to be female. But lately over the course of time I have found thats not what I really want in life. As a result, I am loving full time as a man, again.

But that’s not what I wanted to focus on. It has come to my attention that is of concern of my new image. Meaning, does my image portray that happy, sweet, and innocent Madison?

My answer is simply IM STILL ME! For most of the people I talk to or socialize with on social media, being trans is new! Not new to them because they had to accept me on the spot as Madison or look me up on social media, but either way. They saw a trans person and had to deal with it, but now, now you have to experience what my family and friends went through. Which is new to you! You have accept that someone wants to be identified differently and be seen differently, it’s a lot to take in, and doesn’t happen over night.

Not that it is a bad thing, but ever so often I get questions on how will I be seen or how will people treat me. Well, honestly, I don’t care. I have never cared. Because my personality is still the same, I’m just gay as hell. And that hasn’t stopped anyone from loving their gay friends, son, nephew, or even flaming neighbor. I am very sweet, passionate, and caring, and I always will be. If I sit up in a chair with a straight face or with a smile, I’m still gonna be goofy. I’m still going to be very excited to see someone grow.

My image is something I never cared to put effort into, so I want you all to realize it’s not a facade, it’s a personality. When you are 100% real and want to be flashy and motivating and call your nail buddies boobear then that can’t be bought or changed. My image is something I put no effort into because it’s all me without trying. So I say let’s not worry about image, I’ve built up my whole life around me by not caring about an image, and so far I think it’s going great don’t you? Aside of how I dressed…When you think of your own image, do you really care about what other people say?

If we did we would probably be very miserable. And I love being happy, I want my happiness to be your happiness and then it goes full circle. We do nails, we make people happy. Its our pride and joy, our image is our nails, the work we put out, the education we hold, the awards we have won, that’s our image. Thanks for this talk southern sweeties.

2 thoughts on “Do I have a new image?

  1. Just wanted to pop on here and tell you that I love your post and your blog. And I want to let you know you’re an awesome person!. I met you at Nail Camp
    when I was at a crossroads and just being who you are, and sharing with me and listening to me and guiding me not to mention making me laugh you’re a gift from God.


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