I’m a Light Elegance Distributor!

Wow wee do dreams ever come true!! First of all, Hello!! I am so excited to have you all back for another round of good talkin! I have some exciting news to share. It’s already in the headline, but I am a new Light Elegance Distributor!! How wonderful!!

I actually did not know that I was going to do this. But it came to me like a raindrop in the sky. Literally though it hit me and I was like ok ok I’m doing it. I have worked in retail for quite some time and I have a deep passion for nails if you haven’t already have heard. So it works hand in hand that I sell products to go with what I like to use! Can I get a big HELLO!!

Now becoming a distributor wasn’t easy so I am not gonna sell it off to be when it’s not. It’s a lot you have to go through and the website, good grief what a task!! But it’s so worth it or I hope it’s gonna be so worth it!

I am very excited to carry this line as they are truly my favorite products in the entire industry to use! The are safe, trustworthy, and durable!

Being a distributor is becoming a big dream as I want to open a full store! I was disappointed in learning none of the nail supply stores here in Atlanta carry products that I was a looking for. You would have to attend a show or event to get them. So I became one! Literally! So I’m not doing this for me, but I want to bring the entire east coast great products and education and with that, I’m gonna start small but I wanna grow and grow!

So here’s to hopefully a successful start, as I want and shall achieve more in the future! Thanks for reading sweeties, I’ll see you next time!

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