I love that my nail family lets me fail.

Hi! It’s a very gentle hi, not a cheery one. But a soft warm, hi! How are you all today? I am sitting here on the floor with my cat about to write a loving post that I hope flies well.

It is with great love that I must share I love my nail family, there are so many people behind the scenes who are just so wonderful it could make me cry. I have received so many txts and calls that I’m just shocked. I haven’t been the best person lately, and I know this, but my nail family lets me know it’s ok, as long as I learn. One person I have to point out who specifically said to not mention her name so I shall not do this, is Paula. See, I didn’t say her whole name so we still don’t know it’s Paula Marie. Yea definitely not Paula Marie Davis.

This special person has been nothing but a loving and supportive person through all my recents endeavors and has been on a roller coaster through my transition and mood swings. But what I love the most is that she understands me and lets me ride my bike knowing I’m gonna fall, but she tells me what I need to hear so I don’t. I’m an extremely stubborn person as you all can see and I have goals to the moon. But what I appreciate is that she is willing to say hey it worked for me, so I think you should try it, and so I do. I might not always the first or second time but darn if I don’t learn my lesson and go do it right.

I think we all need that one or two or three people in our life who is our support, our safety net, and also our risk taker. But most importantly, to stand there and just hold your hand.

I am so proud of how far I have come, I am so happy that I have excelled so much in just 3 years! And I glad I have a nail family who is there to see me through it, through the business, the finances, and the multiple personalities I am learning of. I will never just be Madison or Calvin, and I’m learning my brain is both, but I will learn to accept criticism, advice, and failures, as we all have them. And my nail family is there to watch me fail, but to tell me how to succeed as well.

So thank you. Thank you so much secret nail lady. I’ll see you all later sweets.

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