I didn’t give my client what she wanted.

Hi! Happy Saturday!! It’s sun shiny over here and I’m loving it! Today I wanted to talk about something as “artists” we go through or will experience at some point.

I had a new client who I have always wanted, she has always been a dream because she achieves so much in life and in her career. To me, she is a very well established person and I was dying to have her nails on my table. Never dreamed it would happen but look who came!

Anywho, I wanted to write that she came in with goals and aspirations for exactly how she wanted her nails to look, she gave me three ideas to choose from, and honestly I didn’t pick any of them. Not a single one, and why is that? Because it’s simply not her. A lot of times when we see something big and flashy or want to try something new we dive right on in. But with nails, you’re gonna have to wear these if you like them or not. So I thought, nope not doing it.

Now is this a disservice to my client? Probably. But her happiness is more important than anything else. I listened to her the entire time we sculpted her nails and she wanted stiletto to try it, but kept coffin until the very last minute, so we did stiletto. Now that’s strike one, strike two was saying, “ya know what, do what you want”. So after that, I just said to myself, yup, give her the dreams but tailor it to her personality.

So I compromised in my head, and gave her really flashy, but somewhat calm. I used lots of stones, but soft colors. I think this is important that we listen to our clients so that we get better client retention. This is the set we did and I believe she loves them! She texted and said how happy she was. I think this is a bit of the formula to how we can make more people happy in this world.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, leave a comment if you have had a similar situation. I’ll see ya next time sweets!

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