My press on class is a huge hit!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog post! Today I wanted to share my good news!

My press on class, How To Make and Sell Press Ons, is my best selling class to date! In just 2 months I have had 17 classes! I don’t kno what the normal going rate is, but I think that is quite phenomenal! I am so glad to be able to help so many people get their press on class off the ground and going!

Having press ons is a huge market and one we should all take advantage of in our areas, not always will someone be able to come and get their nails done so it’s so amazing people can have a second option.

If you ever have thought of making press ons or don’t know where to start, message me and I can get you going! i am very excited for all that 2022 has to offer! Can’t wait to update you all with more, see ya later sweets!

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