I’m going to Pigeon Forge!

Hey y’all! Welcome back! And I must say, thank you so much for 400+ views on my last article. The amount of support and love was amazing. Are you ready for more? Well, let’s begin!

I am beyond excited to say I am going to the Nail Tech Retreat of the Smokies! This is my 3rd time and Jill Wright’s third event as well. I am so humbled to know that she and the attendees find such great quality in me. Mind you, I have only been polishing nails professionally for four years, but I have gone leaps and bounds to educate myself and push myself further along than most in my timeframe. That wasn’t a jab at anyone, but with determination anything can be achieved! Lauren, I’m coming for your classes as I need to learn from you!! I’m speaking it into existence so that a blessing may fall into my wallet! I can only take so many quarters from the fountains, I almost got caught last time. *that was a joke right there*.

What I like, is that we all learn from each other. I have my class, but there are four other educators in all different areas and we all bring something great to the fray. And it is quite lovely! So now I have the opportunity to learn business through Paula, pedicuring through Renée, nail art from Erin, and gel techniques with Mary Ellon! How awesome is that? So I find it very exciting.

I just finished my weekend celebrating my best friend in the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I must say I had a great time. He was in New York for a viewing party, but I and his designer for all of his clothes celebrated with his family. It was absolutely amazing.

So now on Sunday, today, I had some Tylenol and lots of water as I had to pack up my store and get it road ready, and who wants a surprise? I have a guest going! It’s my cat! That’s right! No mice for me hunny! I chose a pet approved hotel and I will always have a companion from now on. That and it’s fun having him with me! So it will be his very first road trip!

It is 2:43 as I am writing this and I have to be up at 8am for my glorious drive. I cannot wait for you all to see my new labels and boxes for my alcohol inks. They look so professional and I did it all myself. I have to let you all know because it was tedious and I was getting tired at how repetitive it was. But I’m so darn proud, fingers crossed I sell them all, daddy has rent coming up!

Anywho, I can not wait to tell you all how the trip is going, I’m sure it’ll be a blast! I’ll see you all next time sweets!

3 thoughts on “I’m going to Pigeon Forge!

  1. I’m sure you will rock it hunny!! My heart hurts that I won’t be attending this year and sitting around the table with my nail besties like last year. (That was a pinch me moment foo shure). Have a fabulous time and just be yourself. We love you!!


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