Why didn’t I go to Premier Orlando.

Hey everyone and welcome back to another amazing blog post, this time I wanted us all to come gather around as I tell you a story. I know you all have been here for a long time watching my life as it unfolds before your very eyes and I must say, I haven’t been fully honest about everything.

So today I will share with you the story of my cat. Because he is always in pictures and videos but you know very little about him. So let me open up my life a little bit more.

It all started in June of 2018, I was fresh into my apartment and I wanted a pet. I looked up shelters on line and saw they had free kitten Fridays. So I jumped at the opportunity, and without giving it a second thought, I called my ex and asked very briefly may I have a cat. With no hesitation he said yea sure and I was out the door in less than 5 minutes. As I drove through the winding roads of Carrollton County, I made it to the Carrollton County Animal Shelter.

Now at first, I saw my darling little Hercules, who was called something unusual back then. But I said let me give everyone a look and I will come back to you. As I’m gazing through the cages, ol Hercules is just meowing and meowing and trying to get my attention. So I walked back over and said you must really want me huh? I called for a helper and after a few minutes we both were out the door! I couldn’t believe it, my very first shelter rescue, and he was just 8 weeks!

Before long, he was scurrying around and getting into everything, but he was so darn cute and I became so darn attached. I just couldn’t wait until his birthday April 24! Oh yes, I will always remember, because he is so darn special.

It’s been four years now and he is still just as playful and loves marshmallows! Who would of thunk it? But that’s my lil strong man! I can’t wait for the more adventures we will have in the future, so be on the lookout for more photos!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog today and can’t wait to write the next one! See ya later sweets!

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