I achieved goals I never dreamed of, except the one I wanted.

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back to another wonderful blog post. Gosh where has the time gone between these things. It seems like it has been years! Well, I would like to start off by saying I have missed writing so much and I am glad to be back. Can I ask you a question though?

What are your goals and have you achieved them? Are they big goals, little goals, long term goals or even short term goals? Well, either way, it is best to have them as they dictate and plan out your life. But what if you never achieve them or one of them. Is it the end of the world? Of course not! I am here to tell you, that every goal is a piece of a thought telling you which way you should go in life and how you want to do it. But, just like life, it doesn’t always go the way you want, and that’s ok.

One of my most important goals that I have always wanted is to be a full-time nail technician. It is every nail tech’s dream! But, is it one I have never achieved. Through the rigorous life of truck driving and Uber I have painstakingly made my goal my priority, so why haven’t I seen that come to pass. Honestly, I do not know, but I now no longer care.

Yes, I still want to wake up everyday and turn the lights on dust the dust and make a piping hot brew of success, but that comes and goes. So now I wonder, WHAT IF I wasn’t meant to have that one goal, what if I was meant to do something different in the nail industry and I was being pointed that way, but I was not paying attention? Well, let me revisit what has happen to me thus far. Without bragging of course, never that.

My first big achievement was becoming brand ambassador for Light Elegance. That was huge! I screamed it to everyone, like look at me look at me!! Ok, that was bragging, so I stopped there. But then I went on to be featured in my first post card for a nail show, so I definitely kept a record of those on fridges. Without drawing this out too long, publications and magazines and news letters and YAY lots of press.

The biggest achievement so far, is my press ons, did not even want to do them and I was determined to not to. But my bestie said please just for me and one set turned into much more including him being on Rupauls Drag Race and then through him and other girls from the show, I became a celebrity nail tech. What a jump right?

All that to say, I still did not have clients who brought me smiles every day. So does that leave me happy? Somewhat, and mostly yes. But to me, these are successes that come and go. With magazines they get old, and postcards will be updated. Having a client everyday, that is your bread and butter, ya meat and potatoes. That is what pays the bills and leaves you happy and excited for tomorrow. Yea, I don’t have that.

So there comes a time where you just have to accept after four years, do you get sad or continue on? I choose to continue on, and with a little faith and belief, I’ll get somewhere I want to be. What about you, what goals have you achieved, and have you achieved them all? Leave a comment below or message me and let’s have a discussion. Until then, I will see ya later sweets.

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