Thank gawd, I’m not Trans.

Hey all and welcome back to another blog post, today it is currently 5:35 am on a lovely Saturday. How are you doing? I never ask that, and Im sorry, not quite nice of me to always talk about myself and never get to hear from you! Well I hope you’re doing great. What startedContinue reading “Thank gawd, I’m not Trans.”


I achieved goals I never dreamed of, except the one I wanted.

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back to another wonderful blog post. Gosh where has the time gone between these things. It seems like it has been years! Well, I would like to start off by saying I have missed writing so much and I am glad to be back. Can I ask you a question though? WhatContinue reading “I achieved goals I never dreamed of, except the one I wanted.”

Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?

Hi! Welcome back, I know it has been a minute since I’ve written and I do want to become more structured than I am currently. I’m always trying to do something, but I just never plan it right. Well when it comes to Paula Nichols Davies new book, All That Glitters. It is nice noviceContinue reading “Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?”