What I have learned from being a nail tech for the past two years

Hi! Welcome all, welcome! Today I wanted to share some personal experiences I have encountered from beginning to well, currently, doing nails, that maybe some of you have experienced, will experience, or won’t experience. Who knows? I would like to start off and say this article has no intent to bash, belittle, humiliate, destroy, tarnish,Continue reading “What I have learned from being a nail tech for the past two years”

Education with The Mobile Manicurist

Hey everyone and welcome back! Is it me or does it feel like its been a whole month since my last post? Well either way I am super excited to tell you all about my fabulous weekend with one of my mentors, Mrs. Tracy Vinson. So where shall I begin? Perhaps the beginning… *clears throat*Continue reading “Education with The Mobile Manicurist”

My favorite Nail Technicians on YouTube

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about social media and who are my personal favorites I love to watch on YouTube. In this list I have included six of my go to nail techs that I could watch for hours! I mean marathons hunny! In no particular order I will go through each ofContinue reading “My favorite Nail Technicians on YouTube”