5 tips to make you a better nail tech!

Hey all and welcome back to another blog post! I tried something new, I wrote these 5 tips and I loved them so much I added them to Facebook. Usually, I make ya read! But I felt like I wanted to give these a chance to be seen by more people. Tune in below toContinue reading “5 tips to make you a better nail tech!”


Will the nail industry become too saturated with retreats?

Hey southernly sweets! Welcome back to another wonderful blog post! This week I want to talk about the wonderful world of Nail Retreats! Ever increasing popular, nail retreats are popping up like popcorn on a skillet! But before we dive in to the different ones, let’s start with a history lesson of the O.G retreat,Continue reading “Will the nail industry become too saturated with retreats?”

Meet Dean Darcy! Head of Education at Light Elegance University!

Hey everyone and welcome to a very special article where we meet someone tremendous in our industry! I would like to bring out our special guest Dean Darcy, she is the Head of Education at Light Elegance University! Darcy is one of my top mentors and role models in the industry and I cherish herContinue reading “Meet Dean Darcy! Head of Education at Light Elegance University!”

Let’s do some practicing shall we.

So lets talk about these four nails I just finished practicing today. I wanted to do different designs than always placing them in the corner. I started with the flower on the left, I found a picture on Instagram and liked the placement and wanted to recreate it. Granted its not bad, but it isn’tContinue reading “Let’s do some practicing shall we.”