Light Elegance 2021 Spring Color/ Glitter Collection

Hi folks! And welcome to a bright and beautiful day! Today I am here to show you all the new Spring collection from Light Elegance! Let’s take a look to see what’s new in town. The Afternoon Picnic collection is bright, beautiful, and oh so amazing! Full of popping pastels and sparkly glitters, this collectionContinue reading “Light Elegance 2021 Spring Color/ Glitter Collection”

Light Elegance 2020 Fall Color/Glitter Collection

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to introduce you to the new Fall 2020 Color/ Glitter Collection! Let’s look and see what Light Elegance has up their sleeves! I am so happy to see the new Spice Collection! What wonderful inspiration and a huge color palette to choose from! Just from theContinue reading “Light Elegance 2020 Fall Color/Glitter Collection”