Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?

Hi! Welcome back, I know it has been a minute since I’ve written and I do want to become more structured than I am currently. I’m always trying to do something, but I just never plan it right. Well when it comes to Paula Nichols Davies new book, All That Glitters. It is nice noviceContinue reading “Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?”

Why is your hair half red and half black?

Hey all you southern, northern, eastern, and western sweeties!! I wanted to answer a question I get frequently. One I actually forget about. So I have been doing crazy colors for a while and to me, there is a limit. Say what?! Yes! Even I limit myself! It first started when I wore braids, everythingContinue reading “Why is your hair half red and half black?”

How is it being transgender and a nail technician?

Hi, so welcome to a very personal article on this lovely day. I hope you all have been well, I have missed you! So today I would like to share my insight on what its like being me in this industry and hopefully answer some questions I have received. So being transgender has been myContinue reading “How is it being transgender and a nail technician?”